Podcast #15 – Dan Hyatt – From Fatman to Ironman

Dan Hyatt

“When I told people I was going to run the Ironman, the reaction I got was, “sure thing fat boy”.”

Dan Hyatt is one of the most determined and focused people we have met and that says something, given the median of over-achievers in the long distance world. To add to that, he hasn’t even made it to the magic 226 miles yet, but he’s on his way.Dan-Hyatt-wedding

Imagine seeing these numbers on your bathroom scales – 350 pounds (159 kgs)… those are big numbers.

This Star Wars fan even gave himself the nickname of Jabba the Hut.

One day in January 2012, Dan found himself struggling for breath so bad, he thought he was going to die. “You are going to think this is crazy…but at that time I said to myself: I’m going to go and run an Ironman.”

His goal was to become an Ironman within 5 years. He is going to beat that. He will toe the start line at Ironman Louisville on August 24, 2014.

In this interview, Dan takes us on his journey from couch potato to half Ironman and other distances in between, from junk eating to eating for health and performance and from just living to living with a mantra – Grow into the person you want to be.

“It’s important what you put in your body… that’s probably the most important thing I’ve learnt.”


Show Notes:


Triathlon Sherpa podcast guest – Dan Hyatt running in a marathon

Dan’s training tips

  • Get your nutrition sorted first, it’s the cornerstone of performance.
  • Get up early and do your workout before the day gets in the way.
  • Don’t worry about your equipment, use what you have.
  • Total immersion swimming gives him confidence and ability.

Dan mentioned

Donate to Dan’s cause – fighting childhood obesity.




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