The Forgotten Spectator

This year due to various reasons that I won’t bore you with, I shall not be travelling with my Ironman to his overseas event. Watching your age grouper find their feet on the Ironman red carpet and pass under the imposing timer gantry is quite simply, the best thing.

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Andy-Holgate Triathlon Sherpa Podcast

Podcast #22 – Andy Holgate – Ironman & Author

A dare from a work mate set Andy Holgate on his endurance journey, five Ironman finishes and two triathlon books later, this reluctant celebrity shows no sign of hanging up the lycra, with many funny tales to come.

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Brad Kelley - Triathlon Sherpa

Podcast #20 – Brad Kelley – From illness to Multiple Ironman

“I don’t think that’s possible with the condition you have. I’ve never heard of a GBS patient doing a long endurance event such as an Ironman.” Brad Kelley proved the experts wrong.

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Podcast #19 – Kyle & Brent Pease – Tandem Ironman

Two brothers and an Ironman dream. Kyle and Brent Pease finished their first tandem Ironman race in just over 15 hours last year. “Crossing the line was like winning the Super Bowl.”

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Podcast #18 – Natarsha Wendt – on completing her first Ironman Melbourne

A week after her Ironman debut and still feeling fresh from her race and on top of the world, Tarsh shares the turn-by-turn experience of her maiden Iron adventure and provides great tips and reviews on the iconic Melbourne course.

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Podcast #17 – Donna DeWick – 2013 London Region Club Paratriathlete of the Year

Living with the invisible disability of a rare degenerative nerve disease where her muscles shrink or atrophy with lack of use, Donna struggled to walk up her home’s flight of stairs to training 4 times harder than anyone else in order to sustain her fitness and being awarded the London Region Club Paratriathlete of the Year in 2013.

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Bill Bradley - Ironman

Podcast #16 – Bill Bradley – Ultra Endurance Athlete

If you have the nickname ‘Epic’ – you’d better be able to back that up. Bill Bradley does that and more, he brings ultra to everything he does. His motto: Show up and suffer.

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Podcast #15 – Dan Hyatt – From Fatman to Ironman

One day in January 2012, Dan found himself struggling for breath so bad, he thought he was going to die. “You are going to think this is crazy…but at that time I said to myself: I’m going to go and run an Ironman.”

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Podcast #14 – Laurah Lukin – 3 x Ironman and 2 x Breast Cancer survivor

Diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 22, and then again at age 26, Laurah Lukin beat the disease on both occasions, survives to not just tell the tale, but is living out the fullest life possible, competing in 3 Ironman events and many other 70.3 and marathon events, coming in top 5 in almost all of her races.

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Podcast #13 – Paul Kaye – The “voice” of Ironman Europe

Known as the “voice” that cheers and welcomes triathletes as they victoriously cross the finish line of an European Ironman race, Paul Kaye has a highly desirable job – he witnesses thousands of lives cross the finishing line of a race, slaps high-fives with them and utters those golden words “You are an Ironman!”.

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Tim Stone smiling at the finish of the Norseman Extreme Triathlon.

Podcast #12 – Tim Stone – Norseman

Ironman racing is not easy but some athletes search for more. Tim Stone has completed The Norseman Extreme Triathlon three times. What do you do after overcoming freezing temperatures, multiple elevation changes and an 18km mountain top finish. You go back down of course.

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Ironman Athlete Pieter Du Preez sitting on the beach before race start, Ironman Western Australia.

Podcast #11 – Pieter du Preez aka Supa Piet

Following a devastating cycling accident that rendered him only 15% use of his body muscle movement, Pieter du Preez aka Supa Piet triumphed against all odds to be the world’s C6 quadriplegic to complete and break the world record for both a 70.3 and an Ironman event in the same year.

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Podcast #10 – Susan Haag – most raced female triathlete

Susan Haag has raced over 250 triathlon events, including 71 Iron distances, and in one year, more than 50 races. If the word ‘unstoppable’ was created for someone, it’s for Susan Haag.

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